Friday, May 21, 2010

Apptite Craving...........

Are you overweight and don’t have control over your uncontrollable appetite craving? If yes then it is quite possible that you must have tried enough to loose weight. Only going for a dietician or following a particular exercise regimen is not sufficient you need to control your appetite craving also as it can prove all your weight loose efforts futile. You need a solution that should be helpful in controlling your appetite craving and such a solution is stomach surgery.

Many people spend most of their time in dreaming of being slim but it is not possible until the quantity of meals they intake is very small. People who exercise hard and also use some weight loose products should also concentrate on their appetite craving.

At present, market is jam packed with weight loose products like pills, exercisers and surgeries but the biggest question that comes in every mind is that are they effective? If yes then why are so many people still suffering from obesity? These are the issues that force people to suspect the effectiveness of such weight lose products. Uncountable appetite craving is the biggest obstacle that comes in the way of loosing weight but with enhancement in techniques it has become possible to control appetite craving.

Stomach surgery is also one of those enhancements of medical science that not only helps obese people in loosing weight but also reduces the appetite craving. Gastric banding or lap banding are such weight loose surgeries that have emerged as an effective and convenient weight loose solution. Stomach surgery uses a small band around the upper portion of the stomach that helps in controlling appetite craving. The band that is set at the upper portion of stomach through stomach surgery controls the quantity of food that person intakes. This process develops the feeling of being stuffed. The biggest benefit of stomach surgery is that the surgeon can closely monitor the progress of patient. In other treatments it becomes very complicated to decide the level of improvement. Only after monitoring that the surgeon decides to increase the quantity and quality of food for the patient. This advantage of stomach surgery not only benefits the patient in faster weight loss but also the surgeon to monitor every step of the treatment. Like any other surgery the stomach surgery also requires the patient’s contribution in the treatment and that contribution can be in terms of following all the guidelines provided by the surgeon. The patient will have to take care of his/her diet and follow a proper exercise regimen. For a certain time period he will have to take the prescribed quantity of food only but later on the patient can increase that quantity.

People who are interested in having a stomach surgery are advised to consult an expert surgeon before making any decision. It is needless to say that it is an effective solution as the success saga of stomach surgery is self narrative. For people who don’t have any control over their appetite craving, reducing weight is no more difficult as stomach surgery is there to make it easy.